Who Whored It Better: Hanna Barbera edition

Who Whored It Better: Hanna Barbera edition

Feb 15, 2012

See here’s the thing. I don’t REALLY suck at makeup. My mother was actually half Thundercat so I’m technically a quarter Thundercat. Sometimes it shows through. I’m giving strong Liono when I shoulda been going for Cheetara.


  1. Hahahaha!! So funny!! Great comparison there…

  2. A fierce Liono, lol.

  3. Jus t have to say what I’ve thought a million times:

    You’re my favorite! The funniest! The cleverest! The one I looked forward to in every scene! And they better fucking bring you back in All-Stars!

    Is all.

  4. monique /

    i absoulutly love you <3 keep doing what your doing . <3

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